Shopping 'How it all gets started'

It all starts with your shopping list. the beginning of great dishes done from your kitchen start with what you buy. what do you buy? 

It is smart for you to form a habit of buying the right things from the grocery store rather than just getting whatever you see in front of you. what i normally do is write up a menu
 of what I want to eat for that week what meals i want like for example 'lasanga with rice and corn or breaded tilapia with broccoli and mashed sweet potatoe' i will right out my menu for each day. then based on what i wrote on my menu. I will buy the ingrediants that are needed for those things. if you want you can do this just for your lunch or for all of your meals.

This helps in various ways because you can plan ahead and set up healthy meals, also you can set up different types of meals (to help you get out of the routine of always eating the same old thing), it also helps you save moneybecause you go to the grocery store already knowing what you want to buy.

My shopping list is written on a piece of paper and I take this paper to the store with me along with a pen and I cross out each thing as I grab it and put it into my shopping cart. 

How it's done...

First I think of everything I need to buy for the bathroom and write it down on my list
Toilet tissue,soap, toothpaste etc.
Then what I need for my room
linen freshner,plug ins etc.
Now what I need for the kitchen
Now I write all the ingrediants I need to pull of the full meals on my menu. I also add other things that I think I might need like cereal,milk,bread,turkey slices for sandwiches,juice,fruit i.e banana,plum,pear,pinapple,apple etc.
mayonaise,water,dish soap,and anything else.
Also I think of all the cleaning products I will need
bleach, washing detergent,kitchen counter cleaner,pledge,glass cleaner etc.

There your shopping list is complete. When you go to the store you are entering with a plan and know exactly what you are getting. The menu that you wrote out you should put it somewhere visible for you to know what you are cooking for each day.Make your menu fun. Write and put together dishes that you know you and your family are going to enjoy.

God Bless. We will meet again tomorrow, same time and same place :  )


  1. Thank you Mrs.Elise for the message. It is true once we have a plane we are not confuse are take are do things that we don't want because we already have a target its just to work within with God guiding us.

  2. Mrs Elise, this has helped me a great deal. I will start right away.

    I appreciate it!


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