Have you ever made popcorn chicken?

So delicious yet easy to make. This is a great junk food that is cheap and easy to make at home. The other day I made this and served it with fries. I even made a dipping sauce for the chicken. Tastes better than nuggets or even chicken strips.

All you need is: (5 things you already have in your kitchen)

3 Chicken breast cut into cubes (as many as you want really)
2 cups flour
3 tbsp oregano
seasonings of your choice (salt, pepper, all purpose seasoning, garlic salt, onion powder etc.)
4 eggs

First clean your chicken and cut it into cubes,

In a separate big bowl put your flour and add the oregano and seasonings to the flour and nothing to the chicken. (you season the flour instead of the chicken)

In another separate bowl beat your eggs

At the same time heat a small pot with oil. Once the oil is hot

Dip your plain (unseasoned chicken) into the eggs then into the flour then into the pot to fry  for about 2 minutes until light brown.

remove it from the pot and put it on paper towel to drain the oil and it is done and ready to eat. Keep doing that with all the chicken until it is finished.

Make your dipping sauce by mixing together mayonnaise and ketchup until pink. put it into a small bowl and use it to dip the popcorn chicken in.

Great served with fries

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