'Strawberry Coconut' Tres Leches cake part 5

I hope the videos helped you to learn the recipe.
Please let me know if it did, that way I know and I can keep them coming.

Recipe By Elsie Da Silva


  1. The videos would really help me to make it! If i saw a recipe like this online i think i would be to overwhelmed to try it lol but because they videos really broke it down, showed exactly what to do and you always made sure you were clear on tricky parts i think it would be a breeze to make :) thanks!

  2. No problem Jo Anne, my pleasure!
    Yeah, try it out. I'm sure your family and friends will love your creativity. It delicious and not hard to make, plus if you need help while in the kitchen you can just ask your question here and I'll answer.

  3. Great Job Elsie!! I loved watching your videos. Your cake looks delicious and it was very easy to follow.
    I can see both you and Elise love the kitchen :)

  4. Thank You Andreia! Enjoy!
    Make sure you bake it, its so delicious!!!!!

  5. wow looks delicious!!! & i agree with everyone! It made it look really easy to make while watching the video of you doing it!. i will definitely try it!

  6. Thank You Monica.
    Please do try it, its really not that hard, and its DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let me know when you try it ok.


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