The Best 'Sloppy Joe' I've ever tasted.....

Why was it so good because it was truly delicious. What added to the flavor was that it was made with loads of love by my darling husband just for me  :  )

This is a great quick meal, it is also great for a packed lunch or a picnic styled meal. Here I am about to eat a sloppy joe sandwich along with my freshly squeezed lemonade and some bbq pringles.

My husband made it in about 10 minutes by simple cooking ground (turkey) minced meat and adding this store bought manwich sauce. Then he slightly toasted bread buns and slapped the sloppy joe onto the bread and twalla... There you go. In just 10 minutes

your quick and easy homemade sloppy joe. all you used was manwich sauce, ground beef and bread buns.

God Bless


  1. looks great!
    I'm sure it tasted great too!

  2. We dont have sloppy joes in London. Well I dont think so.:(

  3. I think you do have the sauce Lola, but I will try to get the recipe and give it to you for you to make the sauce if you would like.


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