Your Million Excuses

It gets me so annoyed to see how many people cannot cook and want to learn yet do nothing about it. Here you have a blog dedicated only to cooking tips and advice; you sit back read the blog and admire my posts yet create nothing of your own.

Did you know one of... if not the biggest money making business in the world is in  the food industry. Why? because it is something completely necessary. Ever living being needs food in order to survive. If you don't believe that, try staying without food for a certain period of time and see how you feel. You would die.

Food is all around us and something that we need way more than music, entertainment, fashion, beauty, cars and everything else in the book. Yet people take time to learn all of these sometimes irrelevant things and not how to cook. How can that be?

Not only do people die because of not eating but also because of eating junk.  If you are not cooking for yourself you are either eating out or letting others cook your meal. Leaving your health in their hands. By eating just anything you can become obese, get diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol to name a few.

Eating your own home cooked meals is of extreme importance and some don't recognize how ridiculous it is to not know or want to cook for yourself.

  • I don't like cooking, I am not a cooker - Because you haven't given it enough of a chance, if you think it is too time consuming there are various quick meals that can be made, the majority of meals can be made in 30 minutes especially if you are cooking only for yourself.
  • I hate being in the kitchen - find a reason to like it or cook meals for 2 days at a time so that you will be in the kitchen about 3 times a week only.
  • I don't know how to cook - Then learn, here on this blog you have a great opportunity. I am committed to helping you in the kitchen.
  • I am lazy to cook - snap out of it, if you have to use the bathroom whether you feel like it or not you have to go right? OK same with cooking it is not a want but a need

What is your excuse to not cook? You have none.  So please stop just looking and admiring my blog and instead learn something from it. Get up and start putting every post to practice and you will see yourself develop into a marvelous person and an excellent healthy cook.


  1. That's so true. People want everything good with no effort. There's a price for everything in life. Anyone can learn. It all depends if we're willing to pay the price. Some people like to seat back and wait for it to fall from Heaven. It just doesn't work that way.


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