New Year, New Food

Happy New Year!!!  It's a new day and a new year, as you have your own personal new years resolutions; things or lists set in place to better yourself. Then why not add to it, to better your kitchen skills.

This year dedicate more time to the kitchen and actually learn how to cook, better your cooking skills, or even learn new cooking tips and recipes. Eat healthier. 

As I mentioned in my posts titled 'Your million excuses' and 'Taking time to cook' eating out all the time is not good, you need to develop the habit of cooking your own home cooked meals. Healthy ones at that. If your goal this year is to loose weight then do it,cook healthy foods yourself.                                    

DEVELOP AN EXTRA TALENT. How many more years will you say "oh, I don't know how to cook" or "I only know how to make this style of food."It's  2012.......  Wake up and smell the aroma dear friends. This is your year.

Develop or enhance this talent is such a way that before the end of the year people will want to come from all over just to eat your delicious food. Let your cooking be the talk of the town amongst your family and friends. Why Not???

Happy New Year, may God greatly bless you this year

P.S. let your life this year be the talk of the Century.....
God Bless


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