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Here is a picture of my identical twin sister and I at our Culinary Arts school. I am the twin on the left, my beautiful twin is to the right with her name on her hat as LC. She also cooks very well and has a baking blog

Today I am posting about the importance to have a variety when you cook; it is good for your health because each food carries its own proteins, vitamins and nutrition, if you are only eating one type of food out of the trillions the world has to offer you are only getting that one vitamin instead of getting a little of each vitamin for your body. For example bananas are high in potassium which is good for you but if that is all you eat you have potassium but fail to get vitamin c and fiber from another fruit such as apples. Get It?

 I have heard and seen people on various occasions eat the same types of foods week after week, year after year; That gets boring. You need to change it up a bit.

Some only eat chicken, not because they don't like anything else but instead because they either are used to only chicken or they don't know how to cook beef, pork, seafood etc.  Others eat beef and chicken but only  cook it one way; every time they eat beef it is fried in a frying pan with oil and onions.

That gets completely boring and monotonous. Eat a variety of meats and foods, learn to cook the meats you eat various ways. There are millions of ways to cook one specific thing. There are trillions of ways to cook chicken breasts or thighs or whatever else. So why only cook and bear eating it one or two ways?????

One way to ensure you are eating a variety of foods and to make sure you are cooking it differently every time is how I do it.  For example.

I grocery shop every 2 weeks and before I go I write out my entire menu. What I  and my husband want to eat for lunch every day for those weeks. I make sure to put in there different things completely for each day. An example is I'll put a few days tilapia, then another day salmon , or shrimp then another day chicken thighs, chicken breast, beef fillets, beef top side round roast, very rarely some pork chops (because I don't like it much), pork or beef ribs, ground beef minced meat or turkey minced meat (to be a bit healthier).

Do you see how much of a variety that is... There are so many other things you can add, there are hundreds of different fishes you can eat and different cuts of beef that all taste differently, there are loads of different types of seafood and meats in general. Try them, cook them, taste them, enjoy them.

Don't limit yourself to one type of meat. Thats when food no longer becomes enjoyed but a necessity to survive. You are about to eat already knowing how its going to taste because you always eat it that way.  OH!! and not to mention you always season it the exact same way. So it gets completely boring and tasteless to you.

Key point: Change it up and cook a variety


  1. how interesting?identical twins and they both like cooking :-).

    before you blog I would cook everything the ordinal way and wouldnt do any touch up but i learn to be creative and tings that I wouldnt normally do on the dinner plate. so far I'm learning. to be honest I love cooking but I hadly give it a try. reading this blog help me learn how to put ingredients together.

  2. Hi Raija, It is really nice to see that this blog has been helping you to cook better. Keep up the good work. God Bless, Elise


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