Stepping into my kitchen

This week I took a few days to completely re do my kitchen. As I have been telling you, your kitchen has to be a place in the house that you enjoy entering and a place where you can let your creative juices flow.

So here are some pictures of my kitchen. It was a very simple kitchen mainly all white but looked a bit boring. I have been meaning to redecorate it for some time but never got the chance to. Finally I did get a chance and a great friend to help. Thanks to Damien's help and Felipe's creativity and labor. My brain was the one behind this operation, coming up with ideas and what to put where :   )

Keep in mind that my kitchen is never as messy as pictured above. I just had to move everything out of the way to start working and then I forgot that I never snapped a before picture. So had to take these last minute pictures. But the point is look at the simplicity. There is nothing wrong with having an all white kitchen but spruce it up somehow to make it comfortable to enter.

I chose to spruce it up a lot and make it look a bit more modern so this is what I did. Here is my kitchen now.

I made it all black and white artistic. There are still some finishing touches to do like fixing up the holes in the wall and adding decorations i.e possibly changing the carpet and buying nice curtains etc. But the majority of it is done.

My point is make your kitchen feel like home and you will get a lot of great dishes done in it.

Any questions or tips on anything to do with your kitchen email me at

P.S. I only spent $20 to re make this entire kitchen.

How:  I used things around the house and bought minor things that were needed. I had all these things just lying around somewhere and started using creativity to find a way to use it. For example the thing on the wall hanging the pots was a old coat hanger that was just sitting in one of my storage rooms. So I painted it black and used it to hang pots instead.  Use creativity. Go around your house, your basement, storage room or any other room and look for things you are not using to make something out of it. Spruce up your kitchen.



    I love it!
    Send Felipe and Damien here. I don't just want my kitchen done, I want the creativity all over my house. Talk about Creative!!!

  2. Hi Elise! I Loved How your kitchen looks!

    Good job!

  3. Love it!!! WOW you all did a great JOB!

  4. impressive Good job done!!

  5. Wow that's amazing and smart Elise! You see, sometimes all we need is a little imagination and effort. Damien and Filipe you guys did grate. You guys are so talented. I'm really proud of you all. Great job guys!

  6. Ual Vilma essa era a idéia que voce comentou...
    Great idea Vilma
    Girls the kitchen was spectacular!
    Now invite us to a breakfast, r lunch, r dinner... (haahaa)

    Ops!!!!! Felipe... good job :)

  7. Elise! I was amazed at what you guys did! A great job! I love the new look of the kitchen! Very creative and modern!

    God bless! Thanks for the creative tips!

    Paula de Souza-Fort Worth

  8. Beautiful Kitchen, Elsi


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