Setting the table

I hate when I go to a restaurant and the cutlery they set out for me is nasty looking and full of stains. It looks used; I have a right to feel like that after all it's something that I have to put into my mouth.

Eating utensils easily get water stains when they are washed in a dishwasher or are left on the dish rack to dry. They don't dry well and are left with this water mark. So whenever you have any type of eating utensil that has a water stain; here is a trick I learned in Culinary Arts School.

Eg. here is a spoon with a small round water stain in the center.

Take a rag and dampen it with water and scrub the water stain right out. Then dry it with a dry rag. (Trying to remove the stain with a dry rag, or re-washing it. Does not work. You will scrub forever)

There you go, no more stain.

There is a right and wrong way to setting a table. Here is a picture of the right way to set it.
The proper way to set it is in a way for people to eat from the outside going in. Thats an easy way to remember it.  Meaning on the outside you set (going from left to right) the salad fork, food fork, Dinner plate, dessert plate (on top), decorated folded napkin (on top) ( will teach you different napkin folds soon) then knife, soup spoon, top of plate coffee or tea spoon and dessert fork or spoon.

Cups and plate on top (from left to right) bread plate, saucer and coffee cup on top with coffee cup handle at 4:00 position (imagine an imaginary clock, set the handle to 4:00) then your wine or drink cup next to it.

Off course for every single meal you might not have all of these things to eat but try your best to put as much of these utensils as you will need on the table and set it up where it would go on the table. If you are only eating your meal and a drink. Then set your fork, plate, knife, napkin and cup where it would normally go on the table.

Learn your utensils. In order to set it correctly.

Salad fork  

Food Fork (notice the top is longer)


Soup spoon (very round)

Dessert or tea/coffee spoon

Try setting your table properly the next time. Remember to have fun in the kitchen


  1. Thanks I always wanted to learn more about this in a detailed way, I'll be looking back at this picture everytime I set up a table until I memorize it lol thanks

  2. Hey Mrs Elise.
    this has been on my mind lately. to the oint of where ive trying to look on google for different ideas of setting the table and im glad i cme accross this as im looking for things to cook for my family this week xx


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