Scrumptious Apple Crumble

I made this apple crumble the other day and oh boy, was it good. It is also really simple and quick to make. all you need is:

Cinnamon powder
pinch of lemon juice

Preheat your oven to 325F. Then Take a few of any kind of apples (the more apples you use, the more apple crumble you will have; so use a lot ...). I used the macintosh and granny smith apples. Peel off the skin of the apple then cut them into wedges (cut the entire apple in half then in slices going longwise.) Once you do this put your apples into a big bowl and squeeze a pinch of lemon juice on your apples so that they won't get black. (Note don't put too much lemon juice or your crumble will be sour crumble.

Then pour a little sugar and a little cinnamon onto the apples. I don't want to say an exact amount because with apple crumble some people like it very sweet and others not so much, some like it with loads of cinnamon and others with very little so put as much as you think you would like. I say do not put anymore than about a 1/2 cup of sugar because apples are already sweet but sprinkle your cinnamon on the apples and mix it around. Even though you may not like cinnamon it gives the crumble a great flavor. After putting your cinnamon and sugar mix it all together with your hand until it is all absorbed into the apples. The apples will look like they are breaded with sugar and cinnamon. Once this is done. Put your apples into an oven tray. Preferrably a pyrex.

Then in a separate bowl put some flour and a few big spoons of butter and you ARE NOT going to mix this in but instead rub them together  in the palm of your hand until it is all blending and sticking together yet crumbly and a creamish color. You want it to look like big cracker crumbs.  You then throw the crumbs you just made on the top of your apple filling. (This is the crumble for the top) You then put it in the oven for about 1 hour and until it starts to brown. Remove it and serve it with  ice cream.

It is really good hot or cold. I like it best hot. Sooooooo very delicious. Try it.

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  1. aww mana how did you know I love apple crumble! I love it so much and yes it is really delicious. That looks YUM!

  2. that looks yummy!!!!!

  3. HEY Mrs Ellise,
    Love the idea and i am definately joining, but it was a bit complicated (a bit) to follow so if you can clarify more in details and ratio to the porportion that will will go with each meal to ingredient... that would be lovely
    Btw- i dont knw if you already did this frm the actual upcoming blogs, as i just submitted, its in regards to the above, ignore if you already updated in daily blogs. thanks.x

  4. I will try this at home, it looks so delicious:D!*


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