Leftovers in your fridge

Have you ever heard of this expression "Out of a Lemon make a Lemonade" It goes for more than just cooking but it means in general to make due with what you have and make something out of it.

Today I cooked a great meal for my family, I made white rice, brown rice, shrimp and broccoli with a touch of wine, salad, beans and a delicious mixed rice which is what todays post is about. "Making a lemonade out of a lemon."

I made a whole chicken the day  before Yesterday and had half of it left in the fridge. I also had some plain white rice left over from the other days meal; and some turkey meat that was just laying in the fridge. Normally what people do when they see food in the fridge just sitting there is throw it away. But instead of doing that, be creative and make something new with it.

I made a really good rice mix with the left over food and my family ate it and loved it. They grabbed seconds and even thirds. This is great to do as well with Thanksgiving leftovers.

Here is my ingredients (what I had in my fridge)

All I did was take a pan and put a little oil and garlic fry it for a few seconds then add the egg cook it then add each ingredient one at a time and fry it leaving the rice for last. I added my leftover chicken, egg, frozen mixed veggies, turkey meat and rice (This can be done with beef, fish, whatever you have in your fridge)

After that I add my already cooked rice and mix it all together. I then add just a little soy sauce about 1 or 2 tablespoons just to give it a good flavor.  Your done. 

You mixed a little of everything together and made this great dish. Don't ever say I don't have anything to eat when you have a fridge full of possibilities :   )


  1. that looks really good Mrs.Elise! all we need is to be open minded, thanks!

  2. wow the leftovers made a very appetising dish,mmmmmmm yummy.
    thank you for sharing


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