Cooking in a clean enviroment

It is of extreme importance for you to cook in a clean environment. How can you cook something clean, delicious, healthy and creative in this type of environment. No, No, No absolutely not (...)

You need to keep your kitchen clean and tidy at all times. If your kitchen looks something like this, even a little better than this but still messy; Fix it right away. To clean something like this you need a bleach bomb in there.... But since that doesn't exist...

Try using 'Bleach', '409', 'Lysol'  or any disinfecting cleaner. It is really important to use cleaners that disinfect in your kitchen because they build a lot of bacteria because of raw meat especially but as well as  your trash. Bleach is the best to use when cleaning your kitchen and your counter tops but '409' is great as well.

Something that lots of people use which is horrible for a kitchen cleaning is 'fabuloso' though it smells good it has no disinfectants. Whatever product you use to clean you kitchen  make sure it says on the bottle that is disinfects and kills at least 99.9% of bacteria. Always sweep and mop your kitchen floor and throw away the trash. This is great to be done on a daily basis.

Whenever you cook in the kitchen wipe down all counter tops with a counter cloth and the disinfectant spray. Whenever you are dealing with raw meat, fish, chicken make sure to wipe down that area extra good so that you won't have bacteria left behind on the counter. Always clean inside your sink with the disinfectant spray and dish soap and the sponge when you are washing your dishes. Always change your sponge on a weekly basis. A sponge is not meant to be used for a lifetime but instead for 1 week or else it starts to smell bad and starts getting mildewed.

Always clean inside your kitchen cabinets and fridge and check for spoiling food and discard it. Clean the oven minimum once a month with a good oven cleaner spray and brillo pad to get out all greasiness left behind, always clean your stove top and kitchen walls to remove grease. Even though you may not always fry food. Grease still tends to build up in a kitchen.

Get to it... Clean your kitchen and clean it well from top to bottom. Then maintain it clean from now on and set a day to clean it well at least once a week. You can NEVER cook anything good in this environment.

Seriously, it's unbelievable how many people's kitchen looks like this. This is not my kitchen but it does belong to someone. This is not the way it is meant to be and is completely and utterly disgusting and that is a fact. Keep your kitchen neat, tidy, bacteria and disease free and clean


    WOwwwww!!! what a mess and look how nasty that refrigerator looks. I wouldn't eat something that was in that refrigerator even if you paid me. Even if its one of those yogurts that are closed on that refrigerator door. NO NO NO !!!


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