Cake Decorating (Part 2)

Here is a cake that I made with clowns for a little girl; while still in Culinary School. In order to decorate your cake first you need to know what it is you want it to look like more or less, have creativity or if you don't have it try to use what little creativity you have.

We left off at baking your cake. After doing that which in the case of the wedding cake, I baked 3 cakes 1 big 10in. the other medium 8in. and the last one small 6in. Once you do that you need to put the cake onto a pretty serving tray, What I do is poke small holes in the cake with a fork and take a little condensed milk and mix it with milk. I then take a spoonful at a time and pour it on the cake and allow it to seep in through the holes and that makes the cake moist and deliciousGreat Tip: wet the cake with condensed milk and a little milk mixed.

and use frosting to be like a glue. Put the frosting on the serving tray first then put your cake on top of it. This prevents the cake from sliding back and forth on the serving tray. The worst thing to do is bake your cake and spend so much time and creativity decorating it to have it slip right off the tray and BBBBAAAAMMM!!! there it goes all over the floor. So use the frosting.

Then you frost your cake with whatever you want. Most people use frosting. But I used Whip cream, (I didn't want the cake to be so sweet) I frosted the cake. A great tip here is to use a lot of what you are frosting the cake with. You want there to be somewhat of a thick layer on top Great Tip:  you don't want your spatula or knife that you are frosting the cake with to touch the cake itself; or else the crumbs of the cake will get stuck to the spatula with frosting and it will be spread all over the cake and look crumb like. So put a lot of your frosting and frost and spread the icing of the cake throughout it without touching the cake itself. (Sound hard? well it's not)

Here I am using a wooden spoon to frost it.

There you go. Then for my cake I decided to use fresh red roses. So I bought a bouquet of red roses and cut off the stem and arranged them on the cake as I wanted.

Then I got my frosting (not whip cream; frosting) and I used red food coloring to color my white frosting red and I mixed it in. (This part is fun because you can color your icing any color you choose.)

then I decorated my cake. Using a star tip to make shells all around the border of the cake. (You can find tips, food coloring and everything needed to decorate a cake at 'Michaels' or at 'Walmart' or any grocery store in the cake decorating aisle. I used a 'Wiltons' cake decorating kit that has various tips to help you make various designs. Soon I will teach you more about tips and the how to make designs on your cake with each one) Here is the star tip I used.
and I made shells with it along the borders of all 3 layers of my cake.

There are cake decorating tips for everything. You can make a certain design with a certain tip. Here is a basic chart but I will teach you how to do each one later on down the line.

and the end result

God Bless


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