Apple Decors

can you find the turtle and swan?

Hi Ladies!

Here are two apple decorations that I did when Bishop Bira and his wife came over to our church. This decoration is easy and is a beautiful centerpiece to put in the center of your table with a fruit bowl like I did in these pictures above.

This is a true eye catcher! and is great to do when you have guests coming over your house.

Let me know if your interested in learning how to carve your apples for this Apple decor.

You want to learn how to do it?
Comment in the comment bar, and I will give you step by step lessons. Its really easy to do!

By Elsie Da Silva


  1. This is so cute, did you get any compliments on your hard work?

  2. Hi Sarita.
    Yes I did get comments, the pastor's wives here commented on it, they told me it was cute and different.
    And Mrs. Ima she was sitting at the table talking to the Bishops wife, when she noticed the fruit bowl. She said " Is that a turtle?" So it was not only noticed but also distinguished as what it was.

  3. Hi Elsie, how are you doing and everyone else at that? A big hug and kiss to all. Very interesting and different, can you pass the instructions on how it's done and more if you've got them.

    Thanks a whole bunch and be talking to you.


  4. Very pretty Bu! Yes, post a step-by-step on how to. It's indeed very pretty and different. I remember you girls carving them when you're in culinary school but, I forgot how to do it. I'm sure everyone will like it because it's cute, easy to do and different. Good job Bu :-))*

  5. Hi Mrs. Donna, we are all fine and happy thank God. How are you and the family, please give Jonathon hugs and kisses for me, even though he probably doesn't remember me. Below in the next comment I will have the instructions on how to carve your apple.

  6. Apple Turtle Decor

    You need:
    - A medium sized apple, could be either green or red(for the turtle green might be best).
    - 2 cloves
    - toothpicks
    - some lemon or lemon juice concentrate

    *Get the medium sized apple, take the stem of the apple and slice the apple in half, long way (from the top side where the stem stays, cut it in half)
    * Grab a bowl and either squeeze some yellow lemon juice it there or pour some lemon juice concentrate in the bowl and add some cold water. (If you are using lemon, use about 5 lemons and squeeze out their juice).
    * Use half of the apple for the turtle back and the other half place in the bowl you prepared with lemon juice. This step helps the apple to not get black. Even if your apple is a little black, this will brighten your apple back to its original color.
    * Decorate half of the apple with cross cuts on the peel side to form the turtle shell. Note, you need to cut deep almost all the way through. Be careful at this stage because otherwise you might cut it to deep and destroy it. It isn't hard, you just have to pay attention to cut it cross cuts, deep, to where its almost cutting of but its not.
    * Then very gently, your going to try to slightly bend the apple at the cross lines that you cut. This is just to make the cuts open a little so people can see the cracks. Before doing this you will notice that the cuts are there but you can hardly see the openings. So that's why this step is necessary. Look at the picture of the turtle above and you will see how to do the cross cuts on the turtle back. Then place it in the bowl of lemon juice. Always place the apple pieces your not using in the bowl of lemon juice, for it not to turn black.

  7. * Use the other half of the apple that was in the bowl with the lemon juice and cut that half into four moon shaped slices. You just need to grab the apple, put the skin of the apple face down and the inside(belly side) of the apple facing you. Then long way(stem top to the bottom)cut it into four peaces, try to make them look some what curved, do the best you can. But don't stress yourself, just cut it into four moon shaped pieces.
    * Take one slice for the head. The skin side is the back of the head, cut a little piece of the point off, so that it can look like a face and not have skin on it. Then form like a little ball for the head. Take a small knife to carve, its easier. If the slice is moon shaped its easier to do this. The best way to do this ball is by deciding where the neck is and start cutting some of the neck off, this will create a ball shaped head. But remember to carve it keeping the moon shape. You have two apple slice to attempt this. If you get it wrong then try it with one more slice. But don't through away the slice your not using.
    *On each side of the head poke in the eyes with the cloves. The skin of the apple is the back of the head, so poke the cloves on each side of the turtle head.
    *The other two slice, cut them in half (short way) this is for the legs, you need four short pieces.
    * Now you have to put the turtle together. This step is like if your sticking pins on your clothes to hold them in place. Your doing the same thing here. The tooth picks you will use to hold the apple in place. As you go break the toothpick in pieces to adjust to the size you need. Cut a piece of the slice your not using and stick it to the stem side of the turtle shell at the bottom. This is just a base for the head. The base can be mostly under the apple with just a piece poking out to sit the head on. Look at the picture above.
    * Get the head and sit it a little on the base and basically stick broken pieces of toothpicks under the head to hold it in place. Don't be scared to poke the apple with the toothpicks. Its like if your sewing the apple pieces on. Just use small broken toothpick pieces and stick them all the way through for them not to be apparent.
    * Then get the legs and stick them on the bottom edges of the turtle shell so the turtle can have legs and stand on its own.

    Twala! your done!
    If you need any help, just comment here and I will help you through it. Look at the pictures above, they will also help.

  8. Swan Decor

    You need:
    - Red medium sized apple
    - 2 cloves
    - tooth picks
    - 5 lemon or lemon juice concentrate

    * Take the stem of the apple out.
    *Grab a bowl and either squeeze the juice of the lemon or pour your lemon juice concentrate in a bowl and add cold water.
    * Cut a piece off of the apple, long way, so the apple can lay flat on its side. Save this piece in the lemon juice bowl. This helps your apple to not turn black. Whenever you are not using the apple pieces, place them in this lemon juice mix. And if at any point your apple turns a bit black, you can just soak it in this lemon juice mix.
    * Look at the picture above so you can see more or less how to cut this. But you need to lay the belly down and at the top of the swan cut a deep V and take this pieces out and place it aside. Don't cut it too wide because you still need to do this on the sides.
    * Now take the V shaped piece you just cut off and make another individual V inside this V. Do it the same way but only its inside this piece. Every time your making the V, you need to cut it off individually (all the way through). Remember, your carving/shaping the apple, not chopping it.
    * Then again inside that newly cut V cut another V and another. Each V is small than the other, you will do this until whole apple piece is used. It all depends on the size of the piece you cut out. On my swan I only did 3 V's but you can do as many as 5 V's without breaking it. Do it as thick as you feel comfortable. Do not separate the V shaped pieces, place it in the lemon juice mix.
    * Now do the same to the sides of the Swan. Cut a deep V shape of each side and do as you did for the top piece. Keep cutting V's in the piece until you've completed the decor on those pieces. Don't separate the V shaped pieces, just place them in the lemon juice mix until ready to use.
    * Take the piece you cut off the apple in the beginning, the piece you cut off for the Swan to lay on its belly. That piece!
    Take it, lay it belly down and skin side up facing you, then cut three moon shaped pieces out of it.
    * You have two moon shaped pieces and two attempts to get the head of the swan right. The skin side is the back of the Swan's head. Get a small knife and try to form a moon shaped ball for the head. The best way to do this is by figuring out more or less where the neck is, then start carving out the neck. This will form the ball at the head.
    *Take your V shaped pieces and slide them apart, they should have been cut into V's and individual pieces. So slide them open/apart and place it on the top where you cut the piece from. Do the same to the side pieces. They should have all been individual V pieces cut out.
    * Now you will be putting the Swan head on. At the top corner of the Swan where you cut out the top V, you will attach the Swan head. Place it on the stem corner or the other end, which ever way works and looks best.As you go along, you will be breaking the toothpick into little pieces that you need to stick in the head. This step is as if you are sticking pins to hold your fabric together. Stick the tooth pick pieces all the way through so it won't be apparent to others.

    Twala! Your done!
    If you need any help, just comment back here and I will help you as best I can. These decors aren't hard, just look at the pictures closely and you will understand how to follow the instructions more or less.

    I have more Decors, but as soon as I get a chance, I will first do them, then take the pictures and post them. This way I can give you instructions step by step and be able to help you when you need it. They will be posted as soon as I do them.

    Thank You! Enjoy!!!

  9. Wow mana, I love this Thanks. I knew how to do the swan but not the turtle. I absolutely love it and will try it. Thanks for the instructions.

  10. No problem mana. Really try it though. Its so cute and extremely fun to do!


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