Anyone can cook

Anyone can cook, that is why I created this blog. All you need is to have the will to cook, the desire to be in the kitchen, the creativity and joy to make your meal a master piece AND 'you are cooking'. That simple.

This week my husband  and nephew got in the kitchen and cooked up a storm for thanksgiving they made potato salad, stuffing, whipping cream pound cake and sweet potato pie which was absolutely delicious.

My husband won't let me give out the complete recipe for the sweet potato pie because it is a family recipe. But I will tell you the basics of it. You have sweet potatoes, butter, milk, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg you boil the potatoes till extremely soft about an hour and you mix everything together. Put it into a pie crust and throw it in the oven until it is  lightly browned and dry to the touch. Twalla. Very delicious and simple to make.

If you still have an excuse as to why you cannot cook, cut that excuse off. Anyone can cook no matter who you are, what experience you have and or how busy you are. So get to it.

Get cooking and God Bless


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