Color it up

You need to add as many colors as possible to your plate. Notice here in a dish I made a few weeks ago. I made white rice with broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and topside rump roast (beef) with potatoes.

And it was absolutely delicious...

But my point is I had to think color. Here in this meal I have a total of 5 bright and different colors and that makes the meal look more appetizing and scrumptious.

When you add color to your meal it makes you eat it with your eyes. By just looking at the picture. Most of you are getting hungry and are thinking of how delicious the meal is. But you don't know if it is good or not. Before you taste a meal. You eat it with your eyes first. So make it bright, vibrant, fun and exciting.

A good thing to add to your meals that will give it this color is vegetables. They are healthy of course and have so many different colors, shapes and sizes. Adding it to your plate causes a clean, healthy conscious and brightness to your dish. However if you hate all vegetables that much to not add any; try to add something else to your dish that has a different color than your food.

Now imagine if I had made this same dish with rice, the meat and just cauliflower, with potatoes simply boiled on the side (Note: the potatoes in the picture is yellow because I added tomato sauce to it to give it that look if I did not add anything it would also be white just as the rice and cauliflower. )If I had done that I would have had only 2 colors white and brown for the meat. That would not look as appetizing as this does with 5 different colors.

Add more color to your next meal and tell/show me how it came out by email at


  1. This looks so good! and the colors are very nice too, its so true we do eat with our eyes first!


  2. Your right Mrs. Elise just looking at it made me hungry.

    im not really much of a cooker so im hoping this website will help me be more artistic in the kitchen

    xoxoxo Ariel

  3. That's funny, I was thinking of how good it probably was when I read "Most of you are getting hungry and are thinking of how delicious the meal is." Very good advice, shapes, sizes, colors, all very important, thanks!


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