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Hi everyone, my name is Elise Jackson. I am 25yrs old. I don't claim to be the worlds best chef, nor do I claim to have all the chef skills of the world. But I did study Culinary Arts in school and graduated with chef skills at the top of my class in 2004, from Greater New Bedford Regional and Vocational High School. I am married for 6yrs now and have cooked everyday since then, that should be skills enough right? Well...

 I had the inspiration to create this blog through speaking to  a  few women who to my surprise don't know how to cook, they don't even know where to start. That is surprising to me because cooking is something simple and when enjoyed can be a great work of art. In this blog I intend on sharing the various cooking skills, tips and ideas that I learned in school and through experience.

I will post daily blogs of different things such as  cooking tips, recipes, kitchen decor, kitchen utensils, napkin folding ideas, decorating the plate, cooking junky, cooking healthy yet delicious, making your food look presentable and more. Keep posted for the daily blog posts and let others know of this blog.

We can learn  together and get ideas from each other. Of course there are women in the world that may cook better than me or do these things better than me; for those of you who do please share your ideas here as well. I will give my tips and you give yours.

God Bless


  1. Hi Mrs. Elise,

    I'm looking forward to seeing your posts!

    By the way, did you ever have some dinners go wrong? Because I've had several... I tend to learn more quickly from people's mistakes, that way I know what to avoid... :]

  2. Hi Sulma, yes in the beginning of learning how to cook I did have a few breakfasts, lunches and dinners go wrong but as I started learning and practicing it. Now it is really rare. Few and far in between : ) Keep posted and that is an excellent and wise way to learn... From the mistakes of others.

  3. I am soooo excited, I need this! My cooking needs to improve ASAP. excited for this prima :)


  4. Hi Mrs.Elise!

    I'll be cheking this blog a lot!! Every woman must have kitchen skills :)

    After high school (in a few months) I'm going to study Culinary Arts so this topic is very exciting for me!

  5. Im so excited Mrs. Elise to learn alot from your cooking skills i only know how to cook dominican food like i told you but i am ready to learn other diferent type of meals because its time to get out of the box and learn! ;-)

  6. I love it I live to cook, but I am always open to new things. I love the idea.

  7. Hello Ms. Elise, thank you very much for this blog! I sure want to learn especially on table preparation and decoration, napkin folding and food presentation. I'm so looking forward to reading your blog ;-)


  8. Oh my goodness thank you soo much for this post Mrs Elise! It's like you were talking about me because I find it incredibly hard to cook for some reason and I truly don't know where to start from at times. However with the tasks given I've learnt a few new things however still far from where I would like to be. Reading your blog has inspired me incredibly and be sure that I will take it on board. Just one question what has been your best dinner so far and why?

  9. Hi Louisy, It is a pleasure to have you reading and putting into practice what is on my blog. I am sure you will learn a lot.
    I have had many great dinners and the reason why I say it was great was because of the time and effort that I put into cooking, decorating and making it an enjoyable moment with my family.
    A few dishes that I loved was lemon pepper whole chicken, salmon soaked in wine, roasted potatoes, pasta stuffed shells (like mini lasagnas) etc.

  10. I love food but love to eat it more than I do cooking it. I try and experiment in the kitchen but I lack confidence. I have decided to follow this blog because I am sure the tips and recipes will inspire and help me come out of my comfort zone. I want to be able to invite friends over and cook good food for them without worrying that it does not taste good.


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