Being welcomed by Mozambique

For this 'Shoulda Been Dead' tour we are going all over Africa. 

An amazing Country from what I have seen so far. Yesterday we held  an event in Mozambique and then we traveled today to  Botswana to hold an event here, I will tell more about that tomorrow. Mozambique from what I ate there are foods similar to Portuguese food (From Portugal).

Someone please correct me if I am wrong but it seems that the typical Mozambican food is seafood. There is the ocean nearby so everyone eats all type of seafood. There are even people who stand by the ocean toward the evening with a fresh catch of fish and just sell it, out in the open. So Unique.

Here is also a picture of one of the means of transport here in Mozambique. The back of a pick up truck... Take a look. As we were driving around the City today I saw a bunch of people hitching a ride in the back of this truck. I was told that that is a quick way for people to get around. Since there is too many people for the regular public transport.

Mozambique received us with such open arms. Here in Mozambique they received us SOOOOOOO well. You wouldn't believe it, They made a party at the airport.

As soon as we stepped foot outside the door of the airport there was like 50 people clapping and singing and dancing for us with their traditional clothes on. We were super shocked/ shy at the same time cause we were like what is this. There was even people (other people on the street/taxi drivers/those leaving the airport with suitcases in hand stopping to look and take pictures of everything.

They were all looking and wondering who are those "important" people that they are making this huge party for... (Great evangelism tool)

Take a Look at them celebrating...


Before this, As we were getting into the plane to go from Namibia to Mozambique we noticed this... I had to take a picture. 

This guy who was walking in front of us has a 'Shoulda Been Dead' book in his hand. Maybe to read in the plane.  How Nice... We were so happy when we saw that.

But at the event in Mozambique (Which went great by the way) we had about 10,000 youth show up for this movement against drugs.

We even got to join them at the event in wearing traditional styled clothes made specifically for us by a Youth Power Group member of Mozambique. How special, We absolutely loved it. Thank You all for your kindness, Mozambique.

Africa is not at all what I expected, it is not at all what America portrays it to be... It is so much more developed and so unique in ever way.


Keep posted for more blogs coming soon, today we are in Botswana, Africa. I will let you know more about their foods, culture, the events held here and more. Stay posted for more on Botswana and the upcoming Countries.

God Bless
From where I am to you, Elise


  1. Man Miss Elise, THANK GOD!!! Man that is a Blessing, Thanks for sharing this!!! I liked looking at the pictures and checking out the video, continue the fight and you all saving them souls, and it is cool to see that guy with the book in his hand that bought it and you all took the photo of in front of you all! THANK GOD! MAY GOD BLESS you all and continue to use you all to save all those lost souls everywhere and anywhere you all go, that GOD bring those lost souls to you all and use you all to bring those lost souls to HIM, and protect you all from all evil and be there shining HIS FACE UPON YOU ALL THE TIME, TODAY, TOMORROW, AND FOREVER IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. shea, you already know Miss Elise and Pastor Damien man! Keep on making that change IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. and we are on the Prayer for you all here in Houston, so continue the fight! BECAUSE YOU ARE STRONG!!!

  2. Querida Elize, ja estamos sentindo saudade de vcs, Mozambique nao ve a hora de vcs voltarem. Bjs Lidiani

  3. Amen praise God, love the picture of the guy having the book very interesting. Thanks for sharing may God bless you and help you and pastor to be a blessing to every place you visit.


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