Finger licking wings

Forget about going to 'Wing stop' or 'buffalo wild wings' when you can have better wings at home.
I'm talking about finger licking, scrumptious, drool dropping, delicious baked wings that are much healthier for you and taste better then when fried. Since these wings are baked, that means you can have more of them and think less about the bad calories and fat packing on!

Finger licking wings
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 1 hr

*Bag of chicken wings
*Cooking wine
*Oil of your choice
*Your choice of: Honey BBQ sauce, garlic salt seasoning, or parmesan cheese

Whether your wings are thawed or frozen, put the quantity you would like to consume in a big bowl. Then pour the cooking wine on the wings. Try to cover the wings in cooking wine. Leave for at least 15 minutes. Best is left overnight in refrigerator. Drain wings, and rub oil all over wings.
Preheat oven to 435* F.
Garlic salt wings: Rub enough garlic salt seasoning all over wings
Honey BBQ wings, Parmesan wings and Garlic salt wings
In a sheet pan of your choice (see below), lay wings flat onto pan and bake in oven for 1 hour or until wings are really crispy and golden brown.
*For Honey BBQ wings, pour Honey BBQ sauce over wings once they come out the oven
*For Parmesan wings, sprinkle parmesan cheese over wings once they come out the oven

Can be served as an appetizer on game night with fries or as meal with rice, beans and veggies...

* Sheet pan of your choice can be pyrex, cookie sheet or anything you could grab to lay your wings in to bake (even if its just aluminum foil. But make sure to bend the sides so the juices of the wings won't spill and create lots of smoke.)

**Best oil to use is vegetable oil
***Cut slices of lemon to serve your guests with the garlic salt wings. The lemon gives the garlic salt wings a nice tang

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Super delicious recipe by my twin sister Elsie


  1. I absolutely loved this recipe. I normally go to 'Wing Stop' or 'Buffalo Wild Wings' to buy fried wings which are so delicious but unhealthy due to the fact that they are fried. One day I decided to try this recipe baked in the oven and I absolutely loved it. It was much healthier and it tastes the exact same as the fried ones. Thank you so much for this recipe. My husband and I ate and ate and ate until we couldn't eat anymore. It was that good.


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